equipment for production of
vegetable oils
cylindrical grinding machines
customized technological equipment and metal constructions
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Principal business


 • Manufacturing of equipment for production and processing of vegetable oils
  The enterprise manufactures and delivers both separate types of equipment and integrated lines for different processes of vegetable oil production developed considering peculiarities of processed crops and specific customer’s requirements. 
All our equipment is certified.


• Manufacturing of new cylindrical grinding machines in accordance with customer’s Project Statement.


• Total and regular overhaul, renovation (recondition) and modernization of OD grinding, face-grinding, roll-grinding, heavy and specialized machines, including imported and computer numerical controlled (CNC) machines.


• Manufacturing of components and spare parts for group of grinding machines: spindles, grinding wheel balancing mechanisms МБ-210 (analogue of ШУ-297); spindle unit liners; flat bearing rollers of various diameters with diameter accuracy to 0.001 mm; grinding wheel flanges, etc.


• Non-standard technological equipment and metal constructions

Manufacturing of nonstandard technological equipment and metal constructions in accordance with customer’s design documentation or design documentation developed on our enterprise.


• Manufacturing of sewage shredders and rake separators for municipal drainage solids breakage.


• Manufacturing of screw separators for separation of solid and liquid fractions of materials, rich with fibrous inclusions.


• Supervision, commissioning and warranty maintenance of equipment.


• Engineering and technical assistance.